Folklore Ensemble ''Ivan Goran Kovačić'' was founded in 1948 under the auspices of the University of Zagreb, as part of the Student Cultural and Artistic Association of the same name.

Devoted to traditional music, songs and dances, the Ensemble gradually created an integral collection of choreographed folk dances from all parts of Croatia, brought to realization by researchers of folk tradition from all around Croatia. Therefore, the Ensemble's programme consists of variety of folk songs and dances coming from 'Zagorje', 'Prigorje', 'Turopolje', 'Posavina', 'Moslavina', 'Međimurje', 'Slavonija', 'Baranja', 'Istra', 'Lika', Dalmatia (including dances from 'Split', island 'Korčula', and 'Dubrovnik'), 'Dalmatinska Zagora', dances of Croats in 'Bačka' (popularly called ''Bunjevci''), Croats in Hungary and Burgenland in Austria.

The Ensemble performed its repertoire on many Croatian folklore festivals but also presented itself to Croatians as well as foreigners throughout Europe, China, USA, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and Israel.

The great treasury of the Ensemble and one particularly valued, are more than 650 individual pieces of traditional costumes from various parts of Croatia. Some of these costumes were reconstructed, but most of them are genuine pieces of traditional clothing with an estimated museum value.

Today, the Ensemble is under the guidance of excellent folklore experts and has 80 members who are dancers, singers and tamburitza players, mostly students coming from different parts of Croatia. The Ensemble continually confirms its artistic level through numerous national and international acknowledgements. The continuous effort to preserve its excellence won the ensemble a well-deserved recognition in Croatia as well as abroad.

The Excellence of the Ensemble is also confirmed by numerous national and international awards, among which are the Special Rector's Award of the University of Zagreb, Medal of the City of Zagreb, four nominations for Porin (Croatian music award). President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović presented the recognition of the Republic of Croatia on the occasion of Statehood Day for an extraordinary long-term contribution to the promotion of culture and folklore in the Republic of Croatia and the world, on occasion of 70 years of activity.

Folklore ensemble leadership:
Dubravko Radić, Artistic director
Tomislav Habulin, Musical director
Goran Hlebec, Director of the Orchestra